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The Ruby Compiler Survey

Building Hokstad

Start with Ubuntu Linux 16.04 Xenial 32-bit Server. Run a basic install and then run this script as the user. You need 1 GB to run Hokstad.

We’re using Hokstad 052df9eee662be6b24f448706297bb179e501732 (it doesn’t have versioned releases.)

% sudo apt-get update
% sudo apt-get install -y git ruby gcc

% git clone
% pushd hokstad
% git checkout 052df9eee662be6b24f448706297bb179e501732

% mkdir -p bin

% echo '#!/usr/bin/env bash' > bin/hokstad-1
% echo "/usr/bin/ruby -I$PWD $PWD/driver.rb \"\$@\"" >> bin/hokstad-1
% chmod +x bin/hokstad-1

% bin/hokstad-1 -I. driver.rb > hokstad-2.s
% gcc hokstad-2.s tgc.c -o bin/hokstad-2

% popd

% echo PATH=$PATH >> .bashrc

Now we can run Hokstad. When compiling the output we need to link-in the garbage collector runtime, tgc.c.

% hokstad-2 fib.rb > fib.s
% gcc fib.s hokstad/tgc.c -o fib
% ./fib

We also have a hokstad-1 command that runs in the system Ruby interpreter.

With Vagrant

Use the ruby-compiler-survey repository.

% cd hokstad
% vagrant up
% vagrant ssh
% hokstad-2 /var/examples/fib.rb > fib.s
% gcc fib.s hokstad/tgc.c -o fib
% ./fib